Thursday, October 30, 2014

Have I told you lately that I love you

I've been doing a lot of this these days, in addition to photo-documenting every seven minutes of E's life.

Not complaining yet...but at some point I'm sure I'm going to have to be a real adult again. In the meantime, lounging all day with a newborn ain't half bad. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

People Math

I believe the Great Question of this blog has finally been answered. What exactly does

Cassandra + Michael = ?
      >_<     +     O_O  = ?

We have arrived upon the answer!

 Easton Michael Garfield
Born October 18, 2014
8 Pounds, 5.9 ounces
6:04 am

If that isn't the most adorable math I've ever done, then I'm a monster.

A quick anecdote about Easton's name before I bombard you with sleeping baby pictures. Michael and I, throughout my entire pregnancy, never settled on a name. We had a list of top contenders, but none were truly knockouts--that, or we couldn't agree on the spelling, or one of us loved it and the other hated it. We were unwisely banking on waiting to see our kid's face and hoping we would know then, or that he would emerge from my womb with a small handheld sign announcing his identity, but, unsurprisingly, we were disappointed. Day 2 in the hospital and we were like "O_O WHAT IS YOUR NAME JUST TELL US YOUR NAME." But all the babe would do is eat and poop and sleep. Not much by way of an answer.

But thennnnn...

A nurse arrived early in the morning to do a hearing test that measures brain activity. She asked us what his name was, and we had a nice little conversation about our first potential failure as parents. By this time we had at least narrowed it down to two, and were heckling every visitor to give us their opinion. This nurse was no different, but hurrah! She had a machine. SCIENCE. The babe's left ear was normal. His right, however, wasn't responding (cue my first panic-stricken moments as a mahm) so the nurse decided to test out his name. She softly cooed Name 1. Nothing. She tried out Name 2.

SUCCESS! A little blip of brain activity danced in delighted response! He likes it! we crowed. And, having nothing more to go on, we decided to go with Easton. Michael was happy to embrace a future of purchasing sports paraphernalia with Easton's name on it, and I was more secure in the meaning and significance of "east" as the name's root, rather than our other option, which meant "hill." Of course, being the procrastinators we are, we still didn't finalize our decision to each other until about ten minutes before we were discharged, and only because a sweet, tearful candy striper said she wouldn't get into college if she let us leave without signing the forms she had been hassling us with every hour.

Signing the birth certificate paperwork with minutes to spare:

And now, shameless posting of my child on the interwebs! For all you perverts and kidnappers out there--we have three pitbulls and a well-stocked gun safe.

I married a dad.

 First bath! 10.21.14

 First doctor's appointment! 10.22.14
 He was not this happy for long.

And now, a series I like to call A Symphony of Infant Hands

Easton's main talent in his first week of life is making concerned faces as he sleeps.

But he is also adept at smiling, when the occasion warrants it! (Mostly when he has successfully passed wind)

And lest you forget that we live in the Kardashian Age, here's a superficially posed selfie (1 of 43 taken) pretending to be about my baby, but really celebrating the fact that I've taken a shower every day of motherhood, thanks to Lola's extended stay.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Birthday from Portlandia

Sooo, at 7 months pragnant, I went to Portland with Michael for my birthday trip. Luckily for us, we have some pretty sweet in-laws to visit, as Evan, Kelsey, Erin, and Caden are all living the #precoalife in Stumptown. Since Michael and I had never been to Portland, we were supes excited to see the sights and eat delicious foods. But mostly to eat delicious foods.

Our four-day trip began with the free work iPad Michael decided to gift me with on my birthday. Right Michael? It's mine, right?

 Voodoo Doughnuts! I still dream about that Buttermilk Bar...MMMMmmmm

Portland State University campus for the Saturday market...which means even more good food to experience!

 Sibs! Sibs with doughnuts!

 I took this for Chantrelle...because they spelled Chanterelle wrong, but got her name right. And PS, Mmmmm, chanterelles. *smacks lips*

The original Voodoo location...we cheated and went to the second shop to beat these lines. Worth it.

And across the street? We couldn't leave Portland without this pic.

It's my secret wish to live in a bookstore, Tom Hanks-style a la The Terminal, and Powell's books satisfied every requirement I had. I could (and almost did) get lost in this, the most magnificent of bookstores. It's the most perfect place in the world. I came away with a wonderful old book as well--Arabian nights, with beautiful old illustrations. It came in a box! Aside from the great conversation and laughter with the in-laws, this was probably my favorite part of the trip.

On Sunday, after attending sacrament, we brunched at Babica Hen, then attended some open houses in Lake Oswego. One house was super gross, and the other was a beautiful mansion on the lake. Le sigh. One day never I will own a beautiful home on every lake in the country. It was idyllic. It was even better that we all crammed into a five-seater Filipino/Mexican style, parking next to some Lambos and Lexuses, and pretended we were "looking for a house for our parents who are rich we promise and are looking for a house in the area thank and please thank you." Eh, it did the trick.

THEN! That night, sneaky Kelsey pretended to take a phone call from her dad, when really she went and bought balloons to celebrate my birthday the next day, since everyone had to work. It was so thoughtful and sweet. ^_^ And how cool are these balloons hanging from the ceiling? Double claps, Keltse. I totally stole this idea for my Utah baby shower.

 Also thanks to Kelsey's domestic goddess skillz, Erin and I she made us a delicious tres leches birthday cake while the boys did man stuff. It was SAH good. Probably because she's part Mexican. Erin's and my Asian touch would have ruined it and made it taste like noodles if we had actually helped make it.

 In case you missed it, I started a really cool trend call three-hair-bangs. Best when slightly greasy and accompanied by a 30-week-old fetus.

That night, M and I said our goodbyes (so sad!). In the morning, Michael and I checked out a few furniture consignment stores (so much cooler in Portland) on our way to Multnomah Falls, then stopped at this cute little cafe that sells Aussie pies! They were BONZER. My birthday could not have been kicked off any better.

 After a 45-minute drive, we made it to Middle Earth!

 But seriously, doesn't this look like it's straight out of Tolkein?

 We drove back to Portland for lunch, then straight to the airport to head home. All in all, a successful birthday weekend!

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Dickens I will

Happy birthday to me!

It's past midnight, which means that I'm now one year older! I don't have much to report, other than I love my life and thank God for all the joy, pain, love, laughter, sorrows, and meaning my life's course has taken in its (to date) 27-year lease on life.

In sacrament today, my thoughts turned to inspirational or otherwise meaningful words that had affected my personhood and character at various points in my life. I tried my darnedest to recall a quote made striking by my 10th-grade crush, who recited it in Mr. Downs' AP English class from memory in a lively debate over affirmative action. I couldn't remember it with exactness, so I turned to Google (who else) in what I hoped was a discreet hand-in-purse maneuver in order to recommit it to memory. It's from Dickens' A Christmas Carol, and it reads:

"No space of regret can make amends for one life's opportunities misused."

Today, in the wee hours of my 27th birthday, I make this my mantra!

And in case Biery ever wonders how fat he made his mom's face on his 28.5-week-fetus-birthday, here is the answer to that question, in all of its post-bedtime-prep selfie glory:

Let the record show that (1) I posed for and set up all of these photos to angle my face so as not to look as monstrously obese as I feel, and (2) Michael snored peacefully from his hospitably-supplied air mattress in Evan and Kelsey's living room. In Portland. More on that later.

Now for the morrow and all the opportunities it brings! In my case, most of these opportunities will involve food, shopping, and complaining about my swollen feet. What a happy birthday it will be!